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Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada
Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada

Korallin Lid with pH Probe Port for C-1502/3002 Reactor

SKU: SKU18275
par Korallin
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The design of the Korallin reactors is all about ease of use so that once they are set-up they are simple to adjust to get the best performance. In the most exacting environments for example where the tank is filled with fast growing acropora or sps corals. Calcification rates in this type of tank may run as high as high as 15-20kg per square meter per year. It is useful to be able to control the internal pH of the reactor so that it is set to the optimal level to dissolve the media. So Korallin can now offer an upgraded reactor lid with a watertight gland for fitting a pH probe. The new lid also offers greater visual display of gas level in the reactor. The probe would normally be connected to a suitable electronic controller such as those made by Aqua Medic. Once this happens it is a simple matter of dialing in the pH you require and then the controller will add the correct amount of gas to maintain this via a solenoid valve. Simply adjust the water flow to meet your calcification needs and the correct level of gas will be supplied to maintain constant dissolution of the media.

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