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Fauna Marin Min S 500ml

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Min S is a liquid food that helps achieve healthy growth, rich colors and extraordinary tissue fluorescence.
With a unique combination of natural feed particles, marine biopolymers and organic nutrients, Min S supplies your coral with exactly that. The addition of Min S ensures that your coral constantly receives the same nutritious content found in nature.
Natural feed concentrate made from high quality raw materials
Perfect balance of food particles and solids combined with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements
Ideal for nutrient-poor reef systems
Suitable for all corals
Very effective due to high concentration
Extreme polyp extension and growth
Start with 0.5ml / 250 liters (66 US gal) every 2 days
Plankton, Plankton extracts, trace elements.
Shelf life: 2 years from production date (see stamp). Store in a cool and dark area.
Safety notice:
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