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Bulk Magnesium Chloride / Sulfate - Makes 1 Gallon


Bulk Magnesium Chloride / Sulfate

- Makes 1 gallon of solution

- Contains 5 parts MG chloride and 3 parts MG Sulfate

- WILL NOT disturb ionic balance

- extremely pure pharmaceutical grade

- phosphates free

- nitrates free

- disolves easlily and crystal clear


Perfect for 3-part dosing or as a stand alone product for rasing magnesium.

This product can be used alone to raise Magnesium or in conjunction with our calcium and alkalinity solutions to maintain levels. WILL NOT disturb ionic balance.
Dissolve contents in pure RO water to make 1 gallon of liquid solution. You MUST use a Magnesium test kit to determine the amount of Magnesium your aquarium consumes. Test and adjust accordingly.
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