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Adaptive Reef Standard Aquarium Controller Board Mounting System - White

SKU: 651137771112
The Aquarium Controller Board Mounting System offers a complete solution to help you mount and organize all the controllers and various equipment you use on your aquarium.
Included mounting brackets allow you to quickly remove the face of the board giving you access to the back of the board where all your power cords and cables will be stored and organized.
The 1/2" thick panel is made of a strong yet lightweight plastic material that can be cut, drilled and sanded just like wood making it easy to attach just about any aquarium controller, power supply, or piece of equipment that will fit on the board.
It features 9 cut-outs with caps to conveniently thread your cords to the back of the board where any excess cord can be neatly wound and bound to one of the three zip tie rails located on the back of the board. These zip tie rails also make it easy to secure power supplies to keep them up off the ground and away from water.
Face Size: 25.25" H x 15 W
Thickness: 3.5"
Inside Zip Tie Tracks: 2
Inside Shelf: 1
Hole size A: 1.25" x 3"
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