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USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states. Prices are in CAD.
USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states. Prices are in CAD.

IceCap ATO EZ Automatic Top-off System

by Ice Cap
$121.99 CAD
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The IceCap ATO EZ is a reliable triple optical sensor Auto Top Off management system that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. Includes everything needed to install and operate.

Replenish Evaporated Water... with Confidence!
The IceCap ATO EZ System is an easy-to-use pump and sensor combo that offers peace of mind when replenishing evaporated water to an aquarium. Its twin optical sensors extend the device’s life and reliability by limiting the frequent powering on and off of the refill pump. This system also includes a third (safety) sensor that provides another level of security to prevent overflows.

The IceCap ATO EZ is a well-thought-out automated system with a fail-safe design that uses two (2) optical sensors to monitor the fluid level of your aquarium or sump. The third optical sensor provides real-time protection against the failure of the second sensor. Best of all, it is very easy to install and contains no moving parts that can fail.

Complete Auto Water Top-off System for Fresh and Marine Aquariums
Everything is provided for installation and operation. You simply move the magnet optical sensor to the desired water level within your sump or aquarium. It’s that easy!

ATO EZ Operation
When the water level in the sump or aquarium drops below the LOW LEVEL (3) on the sensor, it will blink blue until the water level rises to the NORMAL LEVEL (2).

When the NORMAL water level resumes, a solid blue light will display.

SAFETY LEVEL SENSOR (1) is a backup to shut down the feed pump in case of a malfunction; in this case, a red light will flash.

Water Pump Specifications
Brushless DC Water Pump (30000hrs)
Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5in
Maximum Head: ~6ft
Flow Rate: 50gph
Power: 5w
Tubing Size: ID 6.5mm/OD 8mm/6ft

Auto Top Off (ATO) Disclaimer

Most Auto Top Off (ATO) systems have built-in "fail safe" mechanisms; however, caution MUST still be exercised. Your ATO reservoir must hold enough water to replenish evaporation but must not contain more than your system can handle to avoid flooding.

We, nor the manufacturer, cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred.


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