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Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada
Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada

Bulk Calcium Chloride - 500G (1 gallon)

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500G Bulk Calcium Chloride (Makes 1 gallon)

- extremely pure pharmaceutical grade

- phosphates free

- nitrates free

- disolves easlily

Perfect for 2-part dosing or as a stand alone product for rasing calcium.


Calcium Chloride

This product can be used alone to raise Calcium or in conjunction with our alkalinity Part B solution to maintain levels. 
Dissolve 500 grams (roughly 2.5 cups) of calcium chloride in 3.5L (0.93 US gallon) of pure RO water. . This mix will make 1 gallon of Calcium Part A. You MUST use a Calcium test kit to determine the amount of Calcium your aquarium consumes. We suggest a starting dose of 0.10ml to 0.25ml per gallon of system volume. Test and adjust accordingly.
CAUTION: WILL PRODUCE LOTS OF HEAT WHILE MIXING. Please make sure your mixing jug is adequate.
WARNING! This product is intend for aquarium use only! Keep away for children. May cause eye irritation. Prolonged exposer may cause skin irritation. Always ware eye protection, respiratory protection and gloves when handling chemicals.
Reef Supplies can not be help liable for damages caused by improper use of this product
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