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Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada
Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada

ATI Coral Plus T5 - 60″ – 80W

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par ATI
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80W Coral Plus T5 HO Fluorescent 60″ by ATI

ATI 80W Coral Plus T5 High-Output Fluorescent bulb combines the properties of a Blue Plus (~50%), Aquablue Special (~40%) and Purple Plus (~10%) producing a bulb with a cool, crisp white color with hints of red and blue. The higher blue component compared to an Aquablue Special produces better fluorescence in capable corals and the red component is excellent for color rendition. Approximate color temperature: 15000K+. Recommended Use: as a stand-alone bulb or in combination with Blue Plus, Purple Plus, True Actinic or other supplemental T5 bulbs.

IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ: There maybe additional shipping charges for T5 bulbs. If there are, you will be emailed with a quote. You then have the right to refuse, if you do refuse, the order will be 100% refunded.

NOTE IMPORTANTE A LIRE : Il peut y avoir des frais d'expédition supplémentaires pour les ampoules T5. Si c'est le cas, un devis vous sera envoyé par e-mail. Vous avez alors le droit de refuser, si vous refusez, la commande sera remboursée à 100%.

We are enforcing our bulb terms and warranty effective March 16, 2021, no exceptions. T5 bulb warranty: You will get 100% refunded* should the manufacture declare a bulb defective or should a bulb arrive damaged. Our warranty does not cover re-shipping fees for T5 bulbs. ATI T5 Bulbs have a 30 day failure to fire guarantee. You MUST test your bulbs within 30 days

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