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AquaMaxx FR-SE GFO Carbon and Biopellet Hang-On Filter Media Reactor

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AquaMaxx FR-SE External Media Reactor is a great multi-purpose aquarium water filters specially designed for use in smaller marine and reef aquaria. Insert your media of choice to help eliminate organic pollutants, odors, discolorations and algae fuels. Great for use with Carbon, GFO (such as TwoLittleFishies Phosban, AquaMaxx Phosphate Out, D-D ROWAphos) and even BioPellets!

The up-flow design of AquaMaxx FR-SE External Media Reactor helps to keep filter media suspended and evenly dispersed to provide maximum contact time between your aquarium water and the media inside the reactor. Water is introduced into the bottom of the filter and then pushed upward through the media and back out into your tank. An innovative bracket keeps the inlet and outlet tubes securely in place. *Water pump and tubing sold separately

Made of high-quality acrylic components for precise fitment and excellent durability. Built-in hang-on bracket allows for easy installation.


•Chamber Diameter: 3.2"
•Height: 14.6"
•Minimum Tank Height: 12.5"
•Accommodates aquarium rims up to 1"
•Maximum Capacity: 1.0L (1000mL)
•Using GFO: up to 150 gallons
•Using Activate Carbon: up to 75 gallons
•Using BioPellets: up to 50 gallons
•Inlet/Outlet: 1/2" hosebarb
•Recommended Flow Rate: up to 150GPH for carbon or GFO, up to 300GPH for BioPellets* *flow rate must be adjusted based on the amount of media used. An adjustable pump or a valve is recommended

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