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SHIPPING PROMO: Now offering free shipping to ALL provinces on orders over $129 (overweight shipping fees may apply)

Aqua Ready HOB-R Hang-On-Back Refugium

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$194.99 CAD
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Aqua Ready ( Formerly Aqua Maxx) HOB-R Hang-On-Back RefugiumBeneficial Biological Filtration & Microfauna Sanctuary

Hang-On-Back Design Means No Plumbing Required
Includes 110 GPH Sicce Pump
Convenient Viewing Portal
Intelligent Baffle Design
Quick and Easy Maintenance

The AquaReady Hang-On-Back Refugium is designed for supporting the growth of macroalgae to improve water quality and provide microfauna as food for aquarium inhabitants. It features a high-quality Sicce return pump, a baffle housing for media inclusion, a large viewing panel for algae monitoring, and an outlet sponge to minimize microbubbles.

How Does This Fit into Your System?

The Refugium is a tank mounted refugium for growing macroalgae, which improves water quality and can provide food to inhabitants in the form of microfauna. The HOB-R works well for aquariums 20 gallons and larger where the length is at least 17" and the glass/rim thickness is no greater than 0.75".

How Can This Help My Aquarium?

A refugium containing macroalgae will help to control nitrates and phosphates by consuming them as the macroalgae grows. Additionally, macroalgae will compete with nuisance algae within the aquarium, and assist your filtration system in keeping your aquarium water clean.

A refugium can also harbor many beneficial invertebrates, which consume uneaten food or detritus. Invertebrates such as copepods and amphipods will thrive in the safety of the refugium. The presence of an active refugium will ensure a constant supply of these important organisms to help support the aquarium’s food chain and break down nuisance organics.

A refugium light is not included and is needed to grow macroalgae. It is recommended that refugium lighting be run on the opposite light schedule to the main aquarium.


Main Body Dimensions: 16.75"L x 3.25"W x 12.75"H

Back to Front of Inlet Distance: 5.5"

Back to Front of Outlet Distance: 6.5"

Fits Tank Rims: up to 0.75"

Included Pump: Sicce Nano (110 GPH)

Power Consumption: 2.8 Watts

What's Included?

Refugium Body

Inlet Tube

Pump Mount

Outlet Sponge

Sicce Nano Pump
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