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Two Little Fishies Remag - 1KG

by TLF
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We know it’s addictive, but really now, where do you find the time for gaming AND your reef aquarium? Do you ever sleep?

We think you should be able to find the time to enjoy yourself too, spend a little time with the family, be a pillar in your community. Which is why we created ReMag. It’s sort of the mirror image of gaMeR. Instead of it occupying you, it frees up your time. ReMag makes maintaining the magnesium level in your reef a no-brainer. Simply use ReMag in a calcium reactor according to the directions to supply the magnesium your corals need. Aside from saving you time and money, it gives you more reason to enjoy watching your corals grow, which is in many ways a more positive activity than blowing up zombies.

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