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USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states for the month of July. Prices are in CAD.
USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states for the month of July. Prices are in CAD.

Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Skimmer

SKU: 9001.000
by Tunze
$181.99 CAD
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Presenting the "smallest" TUNZE® Comline® DOC Skimmer, 9001!

Simple, quiet and effective - these are the current demands towards aquarium components. Only a goal-oriented design can counteract the required complexity, and that is precisely what distinguishes the new small Comline® DOC Skimmer 9001. A true „plug and play“ skimmer for small seawater aquariums with 20 to 140 liters (5.3 to 37 USgal.). There's no complicated setup or regular adjustment required. Just install it into a corner of the aquarium and let it operate.

It works according to the TUNZE® Flash Skimming principle, where the pump can be oriented in four different directions, and therefore precisely adapted to the aquarium.

Contact foam skimming (delivery state): The water circuit within the skimmer is partially closed, and the protein supply from the aquarium is automatically performed through the so-called molecular compensation pressure (diffusion). The TUNZE® invention for the contact skimming ensures that almost no living plankton is drawn into the pump circuit.

Standard skimming: The water intake is approx. 100mm (4 in.) below the water surface on the rear side of the skimmer, a setting which is suitable for all aquariums.

Surface suction with the Surface Kit: The ComLine® DOC skimmer 9001 is able to draw aquarium water from the right or the left side of the water surface. This improves the effectiveness of the skimming, because the proteins are concentrated on the surface of the water.
The TUNZE® Foamer 9001.040 air generator creates large volumes of fine air bubbles with a diameter of between 0.1 to 0.3mm (.0039 to .011"), and is especially quiet during the operation and only consumes 2.5W of energy.

The Comline® DOC Skimmer 9001 can easily fit into completed nano aquariums sold by retailers, and is able to provide a considerably improved water quality for such small water volumes. It is delivered installation-ready, with a Surface Kit and Magnet Holder for a glass thickness of up to 10mm (3/8").

Dimensions: L 110mm x W 63mm x H 215mm (L 4.3 x W 2.5 x H 8.5 in.).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bob Smith
Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Skimmer

Nice small footprint, easy setup and the intake options are nice. My only complaint is the magnet, I have the skimmer mounted on 1/8" glass in the sump and the skimmer keeps tipping slight over to one side.

Richard Yap
Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Skimmer

Great price and arrived quickly - solid Tunze product

Curtis Chayer
Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Skimmer

I have read that this skimmer can be loud, but honestly it’s probably the quietest I have ever used, I can’t hear it over my small return pump. The water level has to be pretty exact, too low and it skins nothing and to high and it is almost just water coming out. The magnet holder makes it easy to adjust the height of the skimmer and with an ato it should be easy to keep the water at the right level(installing my ato this weekend). I would definitely recommend this for a small tank (mine is a 20g)

Heather Wellock
Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Skimmer

Very easy set up, install and use

peter smyth
Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Skimmer

This is the best skimmer I ever used for my 35 gallon tank!