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SpectraPure Universal Booster Pump Kit

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SpectraPure® Manually Operated Booster Pump and Power Supply for ANY 60-100GPD System:
High Flow Booster Pump w/ Manual Operation, 115VAC - The Manual Operated Booster Pump Kits can be used on ANY STANDARD RO or RO/DI Systems with existing Liquid Level Controllers (LLC)  and the addition of a patch cord (BP-PATCH).
Increases line pressure to any 60 - 100 GPD Line Pressure fed RO or DI Systems
Add on to existing RO, RO/DI Drinking Water Systems (DWS) or Permeate Pump Drinking Water Systems (DWS-PP)
Boost incoming pressure to 80 psi for enhanced production and increased purity
Can be operated in any position
Whisper quiet
Advanced diaphragm technology and improved bearings extend pump life and lower noise
Sealed pump design protects from moisture and prolongs motor life
Adjustable pressure output
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