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Simplicity 6L Dosing Container - 3 x 2L

SKU: SIM4001
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The new Simplicity Dosing Container is a compact vessel that holds a lot more of your Ca/Alk/Mg than you would think by looking at it. 
3x2.0L Dosing Container
Three high-capacity compartments will help you organize solutions and keep your sump area tidy.
Modular Dosing Container
The 2-liter modular design allows you connect multiple units together to suit your unique dosing needs.
Easy-to-read Graduations
The clear acrylic is marked with measurements in both milliliters and ounces, making it easy to check your remaining solution. 
Keeps Dosing Chemicals Clean
Our tight-fitting lid is designed to stay in place without creating a vacuum.
High Capacity
Each individual high capacity compartment holds two liters (2L). 
Strong Hose Ports
Hose connections are made from PVC to reduce breakage and to ensure tubing stays in place.
Imperial and Metric Ready
Easy to read graduations in both ounces and milliliters.
At 7.9" x 3.9" x 11.9" long with a capacity to hold 2 Liters in each of the three compartments.
200mm x 100mm x 300mm (7.9x3.9x11.9")
Holds 2 liters x 3
Sensor attachment (great for Apex users)
Accurate Visual Scale in oz and mm.
The Best Pricing on a Quality Dosing Vessel Found Anywhere! 
1/4" Nipple for Hoses
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