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RS CO2 Proof Silicone Premium Tubing - 1/4" (10 ft)

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CO2-Proof Tubing - Normal airline tubing can lose up to 20% of CO2 through its membrane. Silicone tubing reacts w/ CO2 and render it less efficient (thus the silicone hardening over time under CO2 usage). Our special CO2 Resistant Tubing loses less than 1% of CO2. Also perfect for saltwater use (eg: Kalkreaktor). Rated Class I for both CO2 and saltwater applications. Unlike other so-called CO2 Tubing which is rigid, ours is soft and flexible.
Peroxide-cured Silcon® contains no sulfur or other acid-producing chemicals, thereby eliminating the possibility of staining, corroding, or deteriorating other materials it comes in contact with. Care is recommended in selecting fittings and clamps for Silcon® as sharp barbs or unlined metal clamps could tear into the wall and possibly cause a failure. Silcon® is not recommended for implantable or in-body uses or continuous steam applications. Silcon® may be low-pressure steam-sterilized in-line or autoclaved at up to 250°F in a normal autoclaving cycle. However, if exposed to repeated steam sterilization or long-term high temperature or pressure, silicone will eventually relax and become gummy. It should then be replaced. Not for use with fuels. Silcon® is a registered trademark of NewAge® Industries.
Natural, peroxide-cured silicone
Working pressure @ 70°F: 20 psi
Tensile strength: 1444 psi
Elongation at break: 608%
Durometer hardness (shore A): 50
Temperature range: -100°F to 500°F (350°F max for NSF applications)
1/8" ID x 1/4" OD Silcon® Tubing
Meets FDA standards & NSF 51 listed
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