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USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states. Prices are in CAD.
USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states. Prices are in CAD.

Orphek Atlantik iCon LED Light Fixture (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)

SKU: iconorp
by Orphek
$1,579.95 CAD
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PLEASE email us prior to ordering to verify latest availability. Special order items are non refundable

The new Orphek Atlantik iCon (Intelligent Connectivity) provides a full range of features you've never seen before! With a new App, improved air flow and cooling system, faster connectivity, and 1000% dimming control; the new Atlantik iCon LED is the future of coral lighting.
1000% dimming controls (0-100% general and 0.1-1% for lunar lighting)
6 individually controlled programming channels
Moon cycle, cloudy weather simulation, jelly fish mode, acclimation mode, and more
Plug & play program for optimal coral color pop & growth
Built-in wireless worldwide remote and local programming, control & monitoring
Ability to program multiple Atlantik iCon units individually or in groups
Large storage with capacity for additional programs
4 Controllable speed fans with high quality aluminum heatsink and top cover
The new App allows for both worldwide remote control and local programming of your lights, so you can control them from anywhere, anytime! The WiFi app is supported by Bluetooth for faster connectivity and load times. Compatible with 5G.
1000% Dimming Control and Lunar Cycle
The Atlantik iCon offers full progressive dimming capacity in all channels, including 0.1-1% for moon cycle! This makes Orphek the only company on the market offering natural moonlight settings that can truly mimic nature.
Most advanced research shows that moonlight offers a similar spectral profile as sunlight, but 106 times less intense. This is why the Atlantik iCon offers 0.1-1% lunar dimming, so that you can achieve an entire lunar light cycle as close to nature as possible to increase your coral spawning. The Atlantik iCon natural moonlight will also NOT produce PAR, which gives corals a very important photoperiod break to carry out biological processes required for healthy growth.
Improved LED Spectrum for Optimal Coral Growth & Color (From 380-780nm)
The Atlantik iCon features new high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs that will last longer than all previous Orphek LEDs!
78 customized high quality, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs
10 different optimized types of Dual-Chip 5W wide-range LEDs for maximum photochemical efficiency
6 Channels-- 2 more than the previous Atlantik models-- each with 13 Dual-Chip 5W LEDs
Channel 1 - Sunrise & Sunset Hue (6000K) Full spectrum 400-780nm
7x 18,000K White LEDs
2x Infra-red 730nm LEDs
4x Orange 590nm LEDs
Channel 2 - Solar Noon Hue (18000K) Full spectrum 400-700nm
11x 18,000 White LEDs
2x Cyan 490nm LEDs
Channel 3 - Cyan Blue Hue (490nm, 470nm) Protective Symbiotic
4x 490nm LEDs
9x 470nm LEDs
Channel 4 - Blue Hue (447nm) Chlorophyll C2
13x 450nm LEDs
Channel 5 - Violet Hue (420-430nm) Chlorophyll a & c2
6x Violet 430nm LEDs
7x Violet 420nm LEDs
Channel 6 - UV/Violet Hue (400-415nm) Chlorophyll a
7x UV/violet 415nm LEDs
6x UV/violet 400nm LEDs
Glass lens over UV/Violet LEDs to prevent degradation
Improved Cooling System
The Atlantik iCon features a new, double surface cooling system with aluminum alloy fan top cover, improving heat dissipation. This improved cooling system creates a more resilient fixture and increases the life span of its LEDs.
Dimensions: 24.21"L x 9.37"W x 2.11"H
Fixture Weight: 15.4 lbs
Material: Full body acrylic front panel, high-quality aluminum alloy top cover, stainless steel grill
Power Cord Length: 112"
Power Consumption: 218-235W
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
Output: 48V DC
Mounting: Hanging Kit (included) or Tank Mounting Arms (sold separately)
What's Included?
1x Orphek Atlantik iCon LED fixture
1x Power cord w/ waterproof connector
1x Stainless steel hanging kit
1x Fan-less IP65 power supply


NEW, free Ophek iCon App for iOS and Android

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