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New Life Spectrum Naturox Marine Fish Formula Sinking Pellet Food - 300G

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Marine fish are very sensitive to the diet you feed them. Nutritional deficiencies cause lower resistance to disease, skin and fin problems and poor coloration. Aquarists must feed a variety of fresh, frozen and prepared foods to ensure all the nutritional needs of reef fish are covered. New Life Spectrum NATUROX Marine Pellets are formulated for captive marine fish and complement your feeding regimen. NATUROX Marine Pellets contain no artificial preservatives, added starch binders, dyes or hormone-based color enhancers. Using premium natural ingredients like whole krill and squid, kelp and scallops NATUROX Marine Pellets will provide your fish with a balanced, easily digestible diet. Fortified with vitamins, minerals, immune-boosting ginger and anti-parasitic garlic, your fish will stay healthy, colorful and active for years to come. NUTRAROX Marine pellets use a natural anti-oxidant to maintain freshness without the need for controversial ethoxyquin preservatives. The pellets use natural fruit and vegetable extracts to color the pellets and attract the fish, eliminating the need for artificial dyes.
New Life Spectrum Marine Pellets Features
1-1.5 mm sinking pellet
Formulated for all marine fish
High-quality, easily digestible krill and squid proteins
Contains algae and seaweed
Naturally enhances your fish’s color
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
No added starch binders
Includes garlic and ginger to increase disease resistance and boost immune response
Made in USA
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