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SHIPPING PROMO: Now offering free shipping to ALL provinces on orders over $129 (overweight shipping fees may apply)

Marco Rock Key Largo - Premium Shelf Rock (25 lbs)

by Marco
$247.95 CAD
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MarcoRocks Dry Premium Shelf Rock - (25 lbs)

Our new Marco shelf rock has such a unique formation! We hace single thin plates to multi layered unique plating formations.  Perfectly clean and ready to use, simply rinse!

Each box is hand packed by a reef tank enthusiast to ensure you will get what you need and want for your reef tank or saltwater or freshwater (will raise PH) aquarium. Marco Rock dry base rock is the most porous, lightweight and has the greatest surface area of any rock we have seen.Marco Rocks the finest dry rock makes the finest live rock available. In an average 20 pound box you will expect to find 2-4 football sized pieces and an assortment of smaller sizes to fill and round out the box for weight.

Please understand that the picture is a representation of the rock. The rock you get will not be exactly as shown since they are not formed from molds. They are natural and vary greatly piece to piece 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Manon Dion
MarcoRocks Premium Dry Shelf Rock 1LBS

Merveilleux produit , la pièce était parfaite comme grosseur pour faire un bon plateau dans mon aquarium et en plus super bien emballé rien de cassé et livraison très rapide comme toujours.

Luke Morrison
MarcoRocks Premium Dry Shelf Rock 1LBS

Great stuff , wish I got more of it . Told them roughly what I was looking for and did well , 5 stars !

Josh Haber
MarcoRocks Premium Dry Shelf Rock 1LBS

I have mixed feelings about this rock and it's not the product itself but how it is packaged. I ordered 30 pounds of it and due to FedEx's wonderful handling of the box and the newspaper it was packed in, half the shipment is made of broken pieces and I've ended up with about 2 pounds of unusable rock. I have ordered this rock from another source and it came in MUCH better packing. For the Premium price you pay to order it from Reef supplies (10 % more than another Canadian site) I would have thought they would have packed it better. I will add I've ordered this rock before from them in the same QTY and had a much better experience so it might be an inexperienced packers fault, I'm not sure. However at $10 a pound I don't see much excuse... love the product, packaging could use a little work.

Dean Smith
MarcoRocks Premium Dry Shelf Rock 1LBS

Ordered 22lbs of this rock and was really glad I did. The rock was exactly as pictured. A good mix of sizes in the 22lbs I ordered. I broke down the huge piece with a hammer (probably a $100 piece of rock!) and it turned out great. Left me with quite a few medium pieces that helped make a really interesting structure. Would definitely use more of this in my next build, no question.

Tom Walker
MarcoRocks Premium Dry Shelf Rock 1LBS

Th rock came in the mail very fast and packaged well. It looks great and is precisely what is depicted in the picture.