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USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states for the month of July. Prices are in CAD.
USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states for the month of July. Prices are in CAD.

Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

by Kessil
$189.00 CAD
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Innovative heat dissipation allows for fan-less, low maintenance, shell-shaped design. Advanced optics create smooth color mixing and a beautiful shimmer.
Dense Matrix LED Array
Our unique, efficient Dense Matrix LED array is built in-house and packs high-power and deep penetration onto a single small chip.
Utilizing our carefully designed optics and the Dense Matrix array, the A80 provides the most light per watt of any fixture have built so far.
The result of years of research and testing, our aquarist-specific spectrums ensure vibrant coloration and prolific growth.
Advanced Controllability
Use the dials on the fixture to quickly set the spectrum and intensity for a personalized look or use your favorite 0-10V controller. Kessil Logic™ maintains consistent output no matter the spectrum. Daisy-chain multiple lights for seamless control from a single source.
Dimensions 4.88" x 0.98" (Diameter x Height)
Coverage Up to 24" surface diameter
Power Supply 100-240V AC (input) 24V DC (output)
Power Consumption 15W
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

I have 2 of these lights over my 55 gallon, and the light distribution is great as well as the intensity of the lights.

Benoit Sauriol
Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

After buying one for a 10g nano, I decided to buy a second when I switched to a 30 gal wide for mostly lps. Then I had trim so some sps in my 90g tank but I had no space for nice pieces freshly cut so I decided to try some sps in the 30g. So I bought a third A80 since I already have the Kessil controller. The acropora that I transferred got so much nicer than in my 90g that is lid by two Kessil A360we. I guess some acros don't need as much light as I thought.

Greg Brown
Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

I have this light over a tall 27 Gallon reef tank. Not as bright as I had expected but will suffice for softies.

TJ Gibson
Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

Ecellent little light , makes my 10gal nuvo really really pop with color and shimmer. Also looks great and is growing softies and lps corals in my 25gal ,light fills right to the edges of my 25 good enough for some softies, and in the center I have some LPS doing great , corals really love these lights, another great product from Kessil, would definitely recommend to anyone with 25gal or smaller for corals and 2 would light a fish only 55gal pretty good.