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IceCap 36 Reef Sump

by Ice Cap
Versatile. Spacious. Accessible.
The IceCap 36 Reef Sump was developed and built around the requirements of a modern day reef aquarist. This sump will exceed any and all expectations with attention to detail, practical design and overall aesthetic appeal.
  • For aquariums ranging from 120-220 Gallons
  • Footprint: 36in x 18in x 16in | Dual 1.5in drain | Single 7in Filter Sock Holders
  • Freshwater Reservoir: 6.5gal | Skimmer Section: 17.7in x 15.2in
This modern day reef sump features a spill-over design in the micron bag compartment with compartment lids for quiet operation. The Reef Sump was constructed to adapt to your filtration needs with adjustable baffles with probe holders and plenty of room for the equipment such as skimmers, heaters, return pumps and reactors.
RS-36 Technical Specs
Skimmer Chamber: 17.7 x 15.2in
Return Chamber: 8.7 x 9.8in
Sock Size: 7in x 40cm
Freshwater Reservoir Size: 6.5gal
Probe Bracket: 3 - 15.5mm holes
Overall Footprint: 36 x 18 x 16in
Drain Bulkhead:2 - 1.5in
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