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SHIPPING PROMO: Now offering free shipping to ALL provinces on orders over $129 (overweight shipping fees may apply)

Hanna Marine Salinity Tester HI98319

SKU: HI98319
by Hanna
$99.99 CAD
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Designed to bring simplicity to salinity testing during the any process, the HI98319 Marine Salinity Tester measures conductivity (EC) to determine the salinity of natural and artificial seawater. Within seconds, the salinity and temperature are digitally displayed on the LCD.
Displays results in parts per thousand (ppt), Practical Salinity Units (PSU), or specific gravity (S.G.).
Comes with all the necessary solutions and batteries- everything you need to get started measuring right away
Ideal for testing salinity in aquariums, field, and industrial settings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

Easy to calibrate and use!

Scott Wilson
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

Has greatly improved my QT procedure. Now, after I drip acclimate from the QT tank, I can ensure that the water parameters (salinity and temp in this case) are actually matching in the bucket. Makes sure the acclimation period has actually achieved what it is expected to, instead of guessing. Same with mixing salt. Pour in salt, let it mix, wait 20 minutes and test!

Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

Catastrophic product...inacurate compare to two or three other salanity neptune, milwaukkee and on and on Offset by 2 ppt.... Ot seems that hanna is using another calibration solution...... If you calibrate it with neptune will resd as neptune is.... If you calibrate it with accurasea it will read as othernthat have been calibrated with it... But when calibrated with hanna liquids...... Ot will then be offset...... Hanna keep saying that their products is THE one that must be followed.... Your choice to decide..... @ Hugo we appreciate your review, we helped you last month and determined the unit was defective and also agreed to send you a new one once we got the bad one back. Im not sure why you would rather review a defective unit rather than getting it replaced under warranty. Your choice to decide I guess

TJ Gibson
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

was abit worried that this tester would be inaccurate like my similar PH tester but I am very impressed with it ,quality construction and dead accurate so far!

donald leask
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

Very quick easy didn’t even need to calibrate it turn it on and dip it.