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Granular Ferric Oxyde GERMAN HIGH CAPACITY- Bulk GFO (1LBS)

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What is the difference between regular and HC German GFO? The main difference is that HC is roughly 1.5 times more effective at removing PO4. It is also much more dense, thus requiring more flow than regular GFO. It also withstands more flow before grinding down to a fine dust. Low grade GFO quickly pulverises with too much flow.
As with all ferric oxide media, alkalinity levels may drop when used.
Be sure to monitor alkalinity and adjust as needed
Rinse well before use
Although this is HC GFO, excessive tumbling my still cause it to grind / dicintegrate and send GFO dust into your sump / tank. Unlike biopelets GFO must NOT excessively tumble in your reactor. Tumbling will cause some grinding.
USAGE: The amount used depends of the amount of P04 your system produces and what level you want to drop it down to. We recommend starting with 1.5 Tablespoons per 10 gallons and adjusting from there.
Material Safety Data Sheet
No. 1907/2006/EG
01. Identification Of the Substance
Name of Product
Ferric Oxyde
02. Hazard Identification
Subject to the regulation 67/548/EWG or regulation 1999/45/EG:
Physical-chemical hazards: not known
Human hazards: not known
Environmental hazards: not known
Other hazards: none
Danger symbol: none
R-phrases: none
Composition/Information on Ingredients
Product Description
Ferric(III)-oxidhydrat, FeO(OH) / Ferrichydroxid
CAS-No.: 20344-49-4
EINECS-No.: 243-746-4
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