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USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states for the month of July. Prices are in CAD.
USA clients: We now ship to the US (some exclusions apply). Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 to all states for the month of July. Prices are in CAD.

Fauna Marin DINO X algae remover 250ml

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DINO X is a very strong and effective solution which removes any hairy or plague type algae growth and dinoflagellates in Reef Tanks. It treats algae outbreaks in reef aquariums without harming any corals.
Dosage recommendations and advice
5 ml Dino X per 100 L (26 gal) of aquarium water
To prevent overdose, it is very important to calculate the exact volume of aquarium water.
For heavy infestations and outbreaks, up to 6ml Dino X per 100 L (26 gal) can be dosed.
High performance skimmer is recommended.
Dosage should be repeated every 2 days until algae is completely eliminated.
A general treatment period cannot be given due to many variables.
Dinoflagellates can usually be treated with 10 dosages.
Other algae can be treated with about 15 doses.
Do not perform water changes during treatment period. Resume water change schedule after 1 week of last Dino X dose.
Do not dose any trace elements during treatment period. Do not dose any mineral salts, amino acids, SPS food, or Balling Light Trace B Elements
Do not use ozone or carbon during treatment period.
Discontinue any kind of absorbing media such as GFO and PO4 removers.
Run Fauna Marin Carb L immediately after last Dino X dose; follow recommended dosing instruction.
Dino X is NOT a treatment for cyano bacteria.
When used correctly, Dino X is harmless to inverts and fish.
Dino X should always be dosed in the evening or 1 hour AFTER main lighting has shut off.
Photosynthesis of Zooanthellae algae is discontinued, ultimately allowing for optimal effect of Dino X Main lighting phase should be no longer than 6 hours daily.
Set skimmer to skim wet and run 24/7.
Water parameters can be adjusted with Balling Light or lime water. These do not affect Dino X performance.
Pre-mixed Ca, Alk, Mg, solutions should be used with caution as these often contain additional trace elements.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Arrived quickly!

David Brynlund
Fauna Marin DINO X algae remover 250ml

6hr light cycle, dosed every 2nd day for 30 days (15 doses), increased my wet skim as instructed. 12ml for 60gal.

David Chan
Fauna Marin DINO X algae remover 250ml

This eliminated the dinos after 2 weeks and I followed the instruction closely. I wish I used this product way earlier as I tried all different methods with no success including 3 days black out and other doses. This product rocks.

Sean Esopenko
Fauna Marin DINO X algae remover 250ml

I had chemipure on hand for the last stage of the treatment, anticipating a cyano bloom towards the end which turned out to be helpful. I treated with chemipure for the final 3 days of my 15 day treatment then did a 20% water change and turned the carbon reactor back on. I couldn't operate the skimmer at all during the treatment so take that into consideration in case you have an overstocked tank that's sensitive to oxygen drops. I have three tunze 6055 powerheads in a 40 gallon breeder so oxygen isn't much fo a concern for me.

David Handfield
Fauna Marin DINO X algae remover 250ml

Followed directions and this product quickly removed hair algae from my aquarium and had a slight impact on the Dinos but did not eliminate them. Unfortunately this product either killed or is killing almost all my soft corals. Even almost 1 month after stopping treatment despite daily water changes my corals are on a downward spiral. Dinos are healthy and well however. Fish were not impacted at all at least. Would not recommend if you have any corals.