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SHIPPING PROMO: Now offering free shipping to ALL provinces on orders over $129 (overweight shipping fees may apply)

Kamoer ATO One SE V2

by Kamoer
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Kamoer's latest upgraded ATO One 2 SE automatic top off system is an excellent addition to your home aquarium. It incorporates a water refill timeout alarm function, effectively preventing water level overflows caused by sensor failures.

This advanced ATO comes equipped with the following components:
- Optical water level sensor for accurate water refill detection.
- Optical water level sensor to prevent overflows.
- DC12V: Power input.
- Pump: Connects to the refill pump or refill solenoid valve.
- Power Indicator (Green): Indicates power status.
- Fill Indicator (Blue): Displays the refill process.
- Alarm Indicator (Red): Alerts you to any issues.

In regular daily usage, the S3 sensor remains inactive, serving as a safeguard against potential overflow situations. The primary function of the S1 sensor is to detect the lowest water level and initiate the refill process. Meanwhile, the optional S2 sensor monitors the refill bucket's water level to prevent it from running low.

In comparison to the older ATO model, we have made significant enhancements to this ATO system:
1. We've replaced the original submersible pump with a new anti-dry submersible pump, ensuring improved reliability and performance.
2. We've upgraded the sensor technology. The new ATO features a highly precise optical level sensor that is more responsive, significantly reducing the likelihood of malfunctions.

For proper operation, please ensure correct sensor installation (refer to the provided picture illustration). Incorrect sensor installation may lead to ATO malfunctions. Additionally, maintain a maximum height difference of 1.5 meters between the refill bucket and the bottom/master cylinder, and strive to keep the refill bucket's water level below that of the bottom/master cylinder whenever possible.

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