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Canada's #1 Reef Aquarium online retailer

Ushio Aqualite Metal Halide DE 20000K Bulb - 150W

SKU: MB2893
by Ushio
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USHIO Aqualite™ Metal Halide lamps feature the best combination of color balance, color rendering and photosynthetic light output for healthy marine aquarium and reef systems. Our USHIO BLV factory in Germany, collaborated with leading marine biologists to develop the first 10,000K Metal Halide lamps. We have successfully set the benchmark of quality for over ten years. 
At USHIO, we take the utmost care and inspection of our raw materials and maintain top standards in cleanliness during lamp production. USHIO Aqualite lamps utilize proprietary rare-earth mixtures to provide the most consistent lamp color over the entire lifetime of the lamp. Our arc tube forming process and coatings ensure that lumen depreciation levels are kept to a minimum. This is what sets USHIO apart from our competition.
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