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Korallin S-3002 BioDenitrator Nitrate Filter

SKU: S-3002

Korallin S-3002 BioDenitrator Nitrate Filter

This revolutionary design makes denitrifaction easy and efficient. Feeding to the bacteria is not necessary; just put the unit into your system and let it run for a few weeks, denitrafication power will be activated once the unit is broken in.

PUMP NOT INCLUDED, Recommended pump: Eheim 1048 or similar GPH. 


•Large internal volume with a small footprint
•Optimal efficiency through high internal recirculation and fast Nitrate removal
•Top-loading lid with detachable tubes for easy maintenance
•No feeding liquid required!
•Ultra-pure Sulfur (Sulphur) filling 99.9%

The design is based around the C-3002 reactor and combine Sulfur (Sulphur) media with calcareous media to offer a high level of Nitrate removal. The recirculation method is far more efficient than simple single pass filters. As it includes reactor media, the pH is fully buffered and enriched with calcium before being returned to the tank.

With the build quality of the S-3002 reactor and recirculation, these offer very efficient nitrate removal. After a running in time of approximately 3-4 weeks (for the bacteria to colonize the chamber) this unit will, for example, reduce 100 liters with 50mg NO3 to 0 in 3-4 days.

Because this denitrator makes use of the design of Calcium Reactor C3002, once the nitrate problem has been solved, you can easily turn this denitrator into a Calcium Reactor with some additional parts (sold separately).

Comes with high grade pure Sulfur (Sulphur) and calciumcarbonat.

Korallin S-3002 - Rated for up to 400 Gallon. Reactor height: approx. 28"; Diameter: 4.50"; Footprint diameter: 6.30"; Included filter media: 

Recommended pump: Eheim 1048 or similar GPH


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