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ATI Essentials Pro - 2 x 2L

SKU: ATI7301
by ATI
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Contains all essential elements and trace elements. 

Space-saving, 2 x 2 litres replace 3 x 10 litres conventional element supply. 

Highly concentrated (27.300 °dKH and 195.000 mg calcium per set), ready to use. 

Promotes coral growth, coloration and vitality. 

Perfect for beginners and professionals. 

ssentials pro 

Essentials pro is a revolutionary care system. Our experience from more than 20,000 seawater analyses has enabled us to further optimize the recipe of the successful Essentials. Essentials pro supplies your aquarium not only with all major elements (incl. KH, Ca and Mg), but also with all essential trace elements (e.g. iron, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, vanadium and zinc) and helps to keep them continuously in the optimal concentration range. 

Cleverly combined, no more annoying mixing of elements 

With Essentials pro you replace 3 x 10 liters of conventional element supply. All relevant elements are already premixed in the two Essentials pro bottles. The concentrate in laboratory quality can also be dosed immediately and does not have to be diluted.
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