Ray’s Reefer 350 build part 7 – Maxspect Ethereal lighting schedule

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long delay in update my build! We have had a very very busy winter, thanks to you!

The tank has cycled well. I have a couple of fish and some coral that are doing really well. Here is a sneak peak…

I’ll post more pics of coral growth and dosing techniques once this build post catches up. I have about a year to go! 🙂

on to the Maxspect Ethereal lighting schedule.

Take a look at image 5 and 6. Those are my two full intensity lighting schedules. The rest are sunrise / sunset and make no difference to coral coloration nor growth.

The “full intensity ” schedule runs for 8.5 hours per day. No matter what LED you run, I always found the best spectrum is running the whites 25-30% of the blues. In other words, if blues are at 100, whites are at 30. In the case of these lights the true white is the B chanel, it contains LED’s in 4500K Neutral White and 2700K Warm White. They also have Channel A that has 6500K Cool White and Group 2 – 460nm Blue. I ran this at 100% because of the 460nm Blue.

Please understand that this was not the set up during acclimation. When ever you install new lights over and existing coral tank, you will want to start SLOW and ramp up to full intensity over a period of 2-4 weeks.

All in all, I think these lights are fantastic. They are very well priced and grow coral like crazy. My only complaints are 1: They were a tad hard to program, 2: the mounting arms are to thin, make them wobble up and down tad.

I’ll be back soon with an update. I promise it wont take this long again!