Maxspect Ethereal & Heating – Ray’s Reefer 350 build part 5

God I love my job! Where else can I get to test such great equipment and make a living from it!

Our Maxspect supplier gave us a couple Maxspect Ethereal to test over my Red Sea Reefer 350! I can’t wait to see how coral react to these.

As you can see by the picture above, they come very well packaged / protected. That makes our lives much easier since we have to worry less about shipping damage!

The lights come complete with tank mounts and all hardware.

The only complaint I have thus far is that the mounts are thin, the lights tend to bounce up / down when we walk by the tank. A little odd, I’ll have to look further into this.

The compliant is I’m a little bit of an idiot! The reefers back glass has a black plastic film on it. I had a total brain fart when installing the lights and I made tiny holes in the film when tightening the screws on the tank mount! On BOTH sides! Live an learn.


I opted for a Finnex 300w heater W/controller AND a Finnex 800 controller to add some redundancy. I set the 300w w/controller to 81 and the Finnex 800 to 78. This way, if the Finnex 800 fials, the secondary controller will not heat past 81 and vise versa.

That’s it for today. More updates coming soon!

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