Aquascaping & Sand – Ray’s Reefer 350 build part 4

Hi everyone,

Welcome to blog entry 4 of Ray’s reefer 350 build

Its time for sand, Aquascaping and water! It took me well over a year to find the perfect pieces of rock. My old house was for sale and I knew I was not moving for a good year, so I took my time to find the perfect pieces. Once I found them, I cured them in the dark for right around 4 months. There is a mix of Pukani, some Fiji premium and shelf rock.

I used DD Aquascape and 3/8″ acrylic rods create my “Aquascaping”. I went with a semi-minimalistic double tower look. I kept the max height at roughly 50% that of the tank.

For sand I chose CaribSea Arag Alive Fiji Pink 20 lbs – Live Sand. I want the added benefit of the live bacteria to accelerate cycling. The one issue with this sand is you can not rinse it, be patient when using this because it will take days to clear!

Here is a picture of the right side being “scaped”

This is the left side

Here is a full tank shot

I used a Jeabo SW-15/PP-15 to get some water movement in there until I was ready to what will be the tanks permanent wavemakers. More on this later 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog entry. More on the way soon!

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Happy reefing,
Ray F.