Reef Supplies Ray’s Reefer 350 Build Part 3. Manifold / Reactors

Hi everyone,

Welcome to part 3 of the Reefer 350 build! In this episode, Dual Aquamaxx Reactors / Manifold Build.

I always found it a PIA to swap out media, be it carbon or GFO. No matter how hard I tried, I would away end up making a mess and getting water everywhere. I’m sure you can relate?! This is why I opted for a manifold system where it would be super easy and super clean.

For those who do not know how this works, its very simple. The return pump not only feeds the return it also feeds the reactors. Not only does its look cleaner and makes your life easier, it also does not require a separate pump(s) to run them.

The flow is regulated by the gate vales (red round knobs). I chose spears gate valves because you can micro adjust and they tend not to seize up.

As you can see I also have unions below the valves. These enable be to easily remove the reactors for servicing. All you need to do is shut the valve and unscrew the union.

Here are pictures of the complete manifold build.


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Build Part 3. Manifold / Reactor build

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I’ll be back soon with an update.