PE Mysis saltwater Fish Food pellets

Piscine Energetics Inc., headquartered in British Columbia, Canada has been revolutionizing the ornamental aquaculture and aquarium industry through innovation in aquatic nutrition. Piscine Energetics MYSIS SHRIMP (PE MYSIS®) is a nutritionally complete fish food  sustainably harvested from the pristine glacial lakes of Canada. For over a decade PE MYSIS® has been used by  aquarium hobbyists, mariculturists, ornamental aquaculture facilities and research institutions around the globe, earning a reputation as “the curator’s choice” within public aquarium circles.

What is PE Mysis?
Mysis are not a true shrimp though they do closely resemble and are, in fact a primitive relative of the shrimp found in the oceans. There are 58 genus of mysis which make up the Mysidae family.
PE Mysis® is 100% Mysis diluviana (formerly M. relicta) which is one of the two type of freshwater Mysidae. All other species of Mysis are either saltwater or estuarine species.
PE Mysis® are part of the zooplankton, the small invertebrate animals found in lakes that feed on microscopic algae (phytoplankton) as well as other zooplankton. In turn these organisms form the basis of the food supply for many fish.
PE Pellets – The worlds best fish food?
Hand crafted in small batches at the Piscine Energetics’ laboratory in British Columbia, Canada; PE PELLETS are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in all varieties of fish. Both saltwater and freshwater PE PELLETS contain fresh PE MYSIS as the leading ingredient; resulting in a rich, nutritionally complete diet.
PE PELLETS offer convenience with no loss of palatability. PE PELLETS are slow-sinking, designed with just the right amount of buoyancy to ensure every member in your aquarium receives excellent nutrition.

When the lights go out…

When the lights go out on our reefs, no matter how big or how small the ecosystems comes alive at night. When our Radion fixtures or t5 lights ramp up or down from dusk till dawn but who see what’s going on at night!


The Orphek Azure light is just that. A 5w led flashlight in the 520 nm range, it allows us reefers to see all the little micro fauna that crawls around at night. The bioluminescence of our prized corals is absolutely stunning.

The Orphek Azure light has so much more to offer!!!

In my opinion the ultimate combo is Polyp Labs Reef Roids and the Azure light. Performing a night feed with Reef Roids! Will put your corals in a feeding frenzy and stimulate their natural feeding habits. Plus staying up late to check out all the crazy night time polyp extension with the Azure light is a must have reef tool. Especially if you’ve never witnessed this before it opens your eyes to a whole new world of color, polyp extension and feeding behavior.

It doesn’t end there the azure light is great for spotting pests as well. Nudybranchs that love night feed on your precious collector montiporas or zoanthids. Can be spotted and removed with a pipette.

Frag swaps and cherry-picking corals will never be the same again!

My question to you is? Do you know what’s happening in your reef when the lights go out?