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ClariSea SK-3000 Fleece Filter Roller V3

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No more filter socks!
The ClariSea Fleece Filter Roller is a high efficiency water filtration system that effectively removes suspended particles such as: micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column.
Rising levels within the filter trigger the Clarisea`s sensors, signaling that the filter fleece is saturated with the suspended particles and then rotating new clean filter fleece in.  Constantly rotating the fleece leaves no chance for any of dirt to breakdown any further, leaving your water cleaner than ever and you without the headache of switching out filter socks every few days.
Suitable for use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding systems and propagation systems for corals.
Brilliantly Clear Water: A ClariSea filter will completely replace the need for high maintenance filter socks and result in brilliantly clear water in your aquarium.
Light Penetration: The use of a ClariSea fleece filter will ensure the highest possible filtration efficiency for optimal light penetration and growth of your corals and plants.
Reduced Accumulation of Organic Waste: Continuously removes detritus & organic waste from the water column preventing breakdown to nitrate & phosphate in your aquarium.
Reduced Load on Protein Skimmer: The ClariSea fleece filter dramatically reduces the load on your protein skimmer by removing even the smallest of particles.
Reduced Maintenance: Constant filtration results in reduced maintenance of pumps, wave makers and protein skimmers, plus... no more socks to clean.
No More Detritus: A ClariSea fleece filter will noticeably reduce the accumulation of detritus in your aquarium substrate and sump.
High volume filtration capacity
Minimal installation footprint
Completely replaces the need for filter socks
Self-assembly for easy cleaning
Multiple installation options
Automatic advance of dirty fleece
Multi-function smart controller
End of roll audible alarm
Filter jam/float error/water depth alarm
Phosphate free fleece material
Special low-odour fleece material
Integrated fail-safe overflow
Silencer plates for quiet operation
Water bypass system
The Gen2 ClariSea is very flexible and easy to position within your sump:
You can hang it on the back, front or sides of the most sumps.
You can freestand it on the base of a shallow sump with a water level below 200mm.
You can freestand it on a box or shelf in deeper sumps.
You can feed it from the front or from the back.
You can feed water from the top, side or at an angle.
You can even pump feed it.

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