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XP Aqua Ultimate ATO - Complete 4-Sensor Aquarium Auto Top Off

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par XP Aqua
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XP Aqua Ultimate ATO - Complete 4-Sensor Aquarium Auto-Top-Off System
Why Choose Ultimate ATO?
With 2 X dual-optical sensors, the Ultimate ATO is the first ATO to include 4 sensors. The 4 sensors allow us to design a dual-stage overfill alarm that is less intrusive as well as a run-dry protection feature that prevents your sump from running dry: which is also a first. The Ultimate ATO’s versatility is also unmatched. An efficient DC pump is included for a standard installation. If you require a larger ATO pump for a remote sump installation, a Socket Switch is included that allows you to run a pump up to 10A (1000W). A solenoid valve is also included for aquariums that are topped off directly with an RO/DI system. We designed the Ultimate ATO to offer you the ultimate protection with the ultimate convenience!
World’s first 4-sensor ATO
One sensor for top-off detection
Two sensors dual-stage overfill alarm w/ QST Programming
One sensor for run-dry protection (also a first)
Versatile installation with accessories included
Efficient DC Pump – Standard
Socket switch for use with AC pumps (up to 10A)
Solenoid valve for use with RO/DI systems
Super precise water level control
Super easy installation; plug-and-play
No programming or adjustments required
Works in complete darkness
Technical Details:
Model: UATO-400P
Power Input : 100~240VAC 50-60HZ
DC Pump
Head : 6.5ft (200cm)
Flow Rate : 74 gph (280lph)
Max mounting thickness : 1/2" (12.7 mm)
AC Switch
Capacity : 100~240 VAC - 50~60 Hz
Max. Load : 10 A / 2400 W @ 240 VAC
Solenoid Valve : Power : 6 W @ 12 VDC
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