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Two Little Fishies Xaqua INOUT overflow and return

par TLF
Complete overflow system complete of: anti-clogging and easily removable suction grid; directional water jet. It can be installed in aquariums with external sump filter and two drain holes. Xaqua In-Out is applied externally, the tank volume remains unaffected. The special inner conformation makes it particularly noiseless and generates a wave effect on the surface. For maintenance operation, such as cleaning of the tubes oe replacement of the o-rings, is sufficient to lower the water level by 4cm. With Xaqua In-Out there's no need to drill holes in the bottom glass of the aquarium, excluding all risks of water leakage possible with conventional overflow. It's made of moulded plastic material with high resistance, non-toxic and shockproof. Maximum pump capacity 2500l/h. Divisible into two parts to position the IN and the OUT in two different parts of the tank. External dimensions 12x5x6cm.
The package contains:
-1 INOUT complete with grid, support, 2 nuts and nozzle water exit
-1 o-ring IN and 1 o-ring OUT
-1 template guide made in plexiglass to make holes
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