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Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada
Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada

The Rock-Mag Magnetic Rock

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par Rock Mag
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The Rock-Mag is a simple way to add depth and dimension to your reef .  Made of all natural ingredients, the Rock-Mag family of products will become fully encrusted and exhibit the same nitrification benefits of live rock. 
The Rock-Mag is approx. 10" wide x 6" tall x 5" deep (with two powerful magnets).
The Rock-Mag Junior is approx 5" wide x 5" tall x 5" deep (with one powerful magnet). 
Designed for 1/2" wall thickness or less.

Features :

Mobile - easily move your frags around the tank for perfect placement in flow and lighting without disruption to other reef inhabitants.
Creative Aquascaping - conceal overflows, pumps and heaters with aesthetically pleasing live coral.
Living Background - create a reef wall of living corals.
Glass Surface Utilization - maximize every square inch of your reefs glass surface area for SPS. It's not just for Algae any more!
Modular - simple removal of corals for Fraging, Trading, and Treating.
Reef Safe - no need for curing our plugs or rock. They are ready for your reef, just simply attach your frag to the Frag-Mag or the Rock-Mag with your favorite 2-part epoxy or Cyanoacrylate Adhesive.
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