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Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada
Le #1 détaillant en ligne d'aquariums récifaux au Canada

ATI Sunpower T5 4x39W (36")

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par ATI
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Features :

  • Individual parabolic reflectors for each bulb made from silver-coated 98% reflective German-made aluminum
  • Built-in electronic ballasts
  • Active cooling system
  • Acrylic shield
  • Two (2) 10 ft power-cords
  • Sleek, adjustable hanging kit to suspend the unit
  • No bulbs included

Superior design and high-end components produce 50% more light than most other equally sized T5 fixtures without using more energy. Fixture is wired with 2 bulbs on one power-cord and the other 2 bulbs on the other allowing for independent control and dawn-dusk simulation. Silver colored, bent aluminum body is lightweight and rust-proof. Runs very cool and produces virtually no noise.

The SunPower is a more economical version of the ATI Powermodule with a bent aluminum housing instead of a curved, heavy-duty steel housing. It also has one fewer cooling fan. Performance wise the SunPower is almost, but not quite as good as the Powermodule.

Common Sizing Guideline: soft coral tanks up to 110 gallons, mixed reef tanks up to 75 gallons and SPS dominated tanks up to 60 gallons.

Recommend Tank Depth: up to 30" with carefully planned placement of corals.

Power Consumption: approximately 2.0 Amps.

Dimensions: L35.0" x W9.4" x H2.1"

Warranty: 1 year.

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