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SHIPPING PROMO: Now offering free shipping to ALL provinces on orders over $129 (overweight shipping fees may apply)

Matrikx CTO Plus Carbon Block - 1uM

SKU: 01-250-10
by Matrikx
$17.99 CAD
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Discover the unparalleled quality of MATRIKX carbon blocks, globally renowned for their reliability and efficacy. Sized at the industry-standard 10 inches, they seamlessly integrate with our systems and are universally compatible with most RO systems featuring similar carbon blocks.

Introducing the Matrikx CTO PLUS 1 Micron Carbon Block, engineered to deliver superior performance:

- Exceptional reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
- High capacity for chemical adsorption
- NSF Certified and WQA Gold Seal Certified for peace of mind
- Crafted from FDA-compliant materials for safety assurance
- Optimized for efficient removal of chlorine and organic chemicals
- 1 Micron rating ensures fine filtration - Nominal*

*Nominal rating: removes >85% of particulate of given size in a single pass filtration

Since pioneering activated carbon block technology in 1996, MATRIKX continues to lead in innovation. Our latest breakthrough introduces high-performance catalytic carbon technology, now featuring chloramine reduction claims across our New and Improved MATRIKX carbon blocks.

What's new and improved?

- 50% increased Chlorine capacity
- Industry-leading chloramine reduction capacity
- First in the industry with PFAS removal claim across all products

Our Commitment to Quality:

- Utilizes 100% Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for superior filtration
- Performance validated by independent laboratories
- Manufactured in an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified facility
- Sustainability certified by WQA – S-803
- NSF and WQA certified for material safety
- California Prop. 65 Compliant for consumer safety and peace of mind

Elevate your water filtration experience with MATRIKX carbon blocks, the pinnacle of reliability, innovation, and quality.

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