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SHIPPING PROMO: Now offering free shipping to ALL provinces on orders over $129 (overweight shipping fees may apply)

Maxspect JUMP Gyre Pump 4K

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MJ-GF Series - Superior Cross Flow Technology Explained
Comparing to traditional powerheads and wavemakers, based on propeller nozzle technology, our latest gyre generator is based on crossflow technology.
Propeller Nozzle Technology
Dead spots with relatively poor water movement.
Very strong flow in the center, making coral placement very difficult.
Very weak flow near the other end of the aquarium.
Cross Flow Technology
Virtually no dead spots.
Evenly distributed flow rate throughout the entire aquarium.
Water bounces back from the other side to create a full "gyre flows".
Near-Silent Operation With Sine Wave Technology
Electricity current alternates in a much smoother pendulum while using Sine Wave Technology
Integrated Controller with Large Display
Fully Programmable 24 hours gyre flow cycle


Model Jump 2K Jump 4K


8.78in x 2.83in x 1.5in 12.4in x 3.15in x 1.69in
Power Consumption 25w 45w
Flow Rate ~1849GPH ~3962GPH
Weight 16.1oz 25.1oz
Glass Thickness 0.5in 0.7in
Power Supply Unit Input: 100-240V
Output: 24V/2A
Input: 100-240V
Output: 24V/2A


IMPORTANT: As with many brands that we sell, MaxSpect Warranty has to go through the manufacture before we can send parts and or replacements. Please open a ticket here.

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Customer Reviews

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Sam Ako
Maxspect JUMP Gyre Pump 4K

The kit comes with everything you'd need, including 2 sets of rotors (important for reverse flow), and some mesh covers to stop your small fishies from getting sucked in and destroyed. I bought this pump for a 72G bowfront, probably overkill... but with the variable speeds and modes, it works great. It's the only pump that I use/need, plenty of flow (visibly apparent when the reef roids/bubbles are added). There's lots of features on the controller for flow modes/intensities, and feeding mode timer to shut it down for a few minutes to feed fish/corals. I currently only run it at 10% (forwards) for my tank, which is plenty for my 2 clowns and 4 trumpet corals. Sometimes I use 100% flow to stir up some detritus to get it down the overflow into the filter. The YouTube videos aren't exaggerating the flow profile, it basically provides flow for the entire tank. The bottom corners may accumulate some gunk. A downside is that the reverse flow is much lower than the forward flow due to the shape of the blades on the rotors (a rotating V blade shape). If you want to use the wave action, you'll need to use a reverse flow much higher than the forward flow. You may be able to over come this downside by swapping one of the rotors for one that's shaped in the opposite direction on the second side from the other colour set. The flow would be slightly asymmetrical, but I feel that it would solve the problem.