Find a lower price from another Canadian retailer and we will match it PLUS an extra 15% of the difference!
Your refund will be sent to you in the form of reward points that can be used for future purchases.
Competitor pricing $125.00
Our pricing: $129.00
Difference of  $4.00 + 15 % =  $4.60
$4.60 = 690 points will be added to your account.

The competitors product must be in stock.
The competitors product must be the exact same brand name and model  number.
The competitors product must be in Canadian Dollars
We ALSO factor in sales tax and shipping.
The competitors product pricing cannot be an error or misprint.
The competitors product must be available and cannot be on sale, cannot be on liquidation or be a limited time offer or available only in limited quantity. It can also not be a MAP proteced items such as but not limited to Neptune, Ecotech, Octopus, etc.
Our price match guarantee will not be valid on special event sales such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, etc.
Simply use our contact form to advise us. We will need the competitors website URL in order to verity details.

Free Shipping

If your cart subtotal is over $149.00 shipping is free*

We also have some of the lowest shipping rates in Canada. Our rates are as follow
- If your cart subtotal is $49.99 or below you pay only $10.95
- If your cart subtotal is $99.99 or below you pay only $9.95
- If your cart subtotal is $148.99 or below you pay only $8.95

Free Shipping Does not apply to oversize orders such as Sand, Aquariums, Salt, some lighting fixtures over 24", some bulbs etc. Does not apply to Nunavut.


Reward Points

Reef Supplies Reward Points!
 Every time you make a purchase with us you will earn a percentage of it back toward future purchases! It is our way of saying "Thank you!" You will earn Earn 1 Reward Point for every $1 you spend* (*subtotal)! Every 150 Reward Points = to $1 redeemable towards your future purchases.
  • You MUST have an account to use our reward points, "anonymous" purchases will not qualify. The only way to accumulate points is to have them associated to your account. Sign in or Register Here
  • Your points will NEVER expire


Les Points de Fidélité Reef Supplies
Afin de vous remercier de faire affaire avec Reef Supplies, nous vous proposons Les Points de Fidélité Reef Supplies. Pour chaque dollar dépensé chez nous avant les taxes, vous accumulerez un point. Chaque tranche de 150 points équivaut à 1$. Vous pourrez par la suite acquitter vos prochaines facture avec les points accumulés.
Vous devez absolument posséder un compte ouvert chez nous pour pouvoir utiliser les points de récompense. Les achats en tant qu’invité sur le site ne sont pas éligibles aux Points de Fidélité. Si vous n’avez pas encore de compte avec nous, vous pouvez en ouvrir un ici.
Vos points expireront dans 12 mois suivant la date d’ajout dans votre compte. 
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