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Since these are the busiest two months of the year, we have to enforce our terms & conditions in order to keep things running smoothly and get orders out. There are absolutely no additions nor changes prior to shipping. If you forgot to add to your order, you will need to place a new order. It is also very important to notice stock levels when ordering, please not not order a non stock item if you are not willing to wait. Most 2-8 day non stock items get filled the same week (with some exceptions).
Holiday sales. Seeing how most manufactures are responsible for allowing discounts, we do not have a price drop guarantee. If you purchased prior to the sale, you cannot get credited nor refunded for the difference once the order has been shipped. Not only is this a manufacture rule, it is our rule. If we were to credit someone, that would not be fair to the other 100’s of clients who purchased prior to the sale. Nor is it fair to those clients who waited for a sale in order to make a purchase.
Hours of operation
Our hours remain the same. Although we are here as of 7AM packing orders, our phone line and our store front does not open until 1Pm.
Please understand that we have only 2 phone lines and since this is the busy it will be very hard to get someone on the phone unless you are willing to wait. Please be patient when calling and be ready to be put on hold. I suggest you email us instead.
Thank you and happy shopping!

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